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Week One Term 1, 2021 High school sailing

The weather was wet and we were definitely soggy when we got in but it was a great start to term one.

30 sailors on the water and it was good to meet all our new sailors.

Roger had our fleet sailors in the Fevas with the crews swapping in and out.

There was lots of good skills learnt with sailing around a course, windward leewards, some starts practice and racing, and some fun picking up the balls out of the water.

Hana and the team did a great job with the team sailors. Lots of the new skills learnt last term and at our Kawau Training showed though.

All ten 420’s were rigged and out sailing. They made an impressive sight sailing with the mist hanging over Mt. Manaia in the background.

And we had a great surprise of hot chocolates and delicious cheesy pasta to eat when we came in off the water.

Big thank you to Margi and Matilda, our Whangarei Girls' High School team managers, for the food.

And thanks to our instructors, Roger and Hana. And as always thank you to our loyal crew of parents, grandparents, teachers and volunteers.

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