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Spring Regatta 2020


Today, Day 3 saw us remain on shore due to strong winds and not ideal conditions out on the water.  We opted to cover some more training skills in 2 groups finishing off the regatta. 

Day 1 saw us getting through 3 round robins with only a one little hitch when the combined team couldn't reef their sails and Day 2 had a spell where the wind dropped and everyone enjoyed chilling in the sun.  It was also lovely to have Lily Barton come and join the girls on Day 2 during the afternoon.

Results: 1st Whangarei Boys' High School, 2nd McLeans, 3rd Whangarei Girls' High School, 4th Kerikeri, 5th Mahurangi, 6th Combined

Congratulations to all that were able to attend and to the winners WBHS!

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